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Died of Inhalation Anthrax

Michael Kors Bags Help to Store Your Belongings

When buying a Michael Kors Cyber Monday tote bag, the first thing to consider is its material. These are generally crafted from two basic styles of material. The Michael Kors bags are designed for everyday use are crafted from light eco-friendly materials like cotton while the ones that are utilized for traveling and carrying heavy items are crafted from heavy and durable materials like leather. There are plenty of women who like to catch the trends for Michael Kors bags. In situations like this, there are plenty of women who would have the same fashion style when it comes to Michael Kors bags.

Michael Kors smaller purse type bags can be used during social gatherings and evening parties, while the bigger ones can be taken to work, malls or school. A medium or small sized one will also serve fine for everyday use. On the other hand if you are searching for something that will accompany you on a trip a larger Michael Kors bag will be the best option to store your belongings while you are away from home.

Michael Kors Cyber Monday Deals totes as these really are the most versatile tote bags in your selection. They will come is many various shades of brown with numerous styles of finishes to suit your varied needs. For evenings like this you can bring your Michael Kors tote bag or even one with a tasteful snakeskin look along with you to round out your attire. Either way, there will usually be a Michael Kors tote purse that will accessorize what you are wearing to perfection.

These Michael Kors tote bags are ideal for situations that are more formal in appearance, and require you to dress up a bit more. You can even bring along your Michael Kors tote bag with an outfit where you are wearing your favorite t-shirt and designer denim jeans, but guarantee you have the black pumps to match or it just will not work, if you know what I mean. Additionally, one positive thing about these Michael Kors bags is that the owner will usually stay exceptional.

For different occasions you should also include in you Michael Kors Cyber Monday Sales totes selection one style of white. During the summer months when bright colors are needed your Michael Kors tote bag is all that is needed to spice up your outfit so you will look absolutely stylish. Aside from how simple the Michael Kors tote bag is it's the function and purpose that matters. But there are particularly designed Michael Kors bags that would certainly suit anyone; they were called tote bags. These Michael Kors bags are specially printed with our preferred MK logo.

Died of Inhalation Anthrax

Don’t worry, Britney Spears is fine. I took this picture during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 2001. I waited for the ticker to scroll and hoped to capture this image with my (non-digital) camera. The juxtaposition of picture and text seemed to sum up the post-9/11 national mood of coerced normalcy and manufactured fear. I still keep the picture taped to my refrigerator.

Mother’s Day in Madison

Considering this is only my second Mother’s Day without my mom, I wasn’t really expecting to have so much fun, busting out the toy piano to celebrate Wisconsin mothers standing against corrupt Governor Walker.

Sarah Palin comes to Madison …

… and gives her most inspiring speech yet!

Cooperatives and Education.

I went to Spain.

On the Day I Was Born …

… this song

beat out this song for the number one spot on the US charts:

Weird that I’d never actually heard either tune. Not weird that John Lennon will remain my favorite Beatle.

Voting: On My Own.

You may vote more than once, but please remember the results are legally binding.


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